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Maximizing your business or brand’s potential

Many people think that a website isn’t as useful since social media joined the game. I dare to have the arguments and prove them wrong!

In modern times, we can’t imagine our existence without devices that provide seamless communication, research tools, analytical capabilities and most importantly exposure. With current technological advancements and the high competition between businesses and entrepreneurs, it became obvious that online presence is extremely important for building a brand.

Small businesses often build their online presence on social media, collect followers, likes and leads. Social platforms are indeed a great tool to enhance presence and add to marketing, but not reliable to use as a main platform for a brand.

Now think about how many people and brands get banned or suspended because someone reported them, or because they violated “community guidelines”? Do they still have access to all the followers they spent so much time acquiring? Do they have a way of reaching out to their community unless their access is restored? These questions spark just a few, of many reasons as to why a website is extremely important for building a solid brand.

More reasons on why your brand NEEDS a website:

  • Project your values and mission on an additional platform

  • Increase visibility and reach global audiences

  • Collect customer data such as emails to generate leads, run marketing campaigns and bring your community together

  • Further enhance conversion rate with strategies such as booking calls, contact forms and social proof through testimonials

  • Learn about potential client behavior and adjust your product line or service description for the maximum return, take it a step further with surveys and polls

  • Depending on your business model, monetize on content and ads for additional revenue streams

  • Better communicate your brand’s vision with pages and blogs

  • Add the website to your email signatures and build further trust with customers and/or vendors

The possibilities are endless as you build your content and data base. The beauty of having a website is the capability to incorporate almost anything into it and being able to make changes on the go.

I encourage entrepreneurs and businesses to invest into a good web developer as this field is also full of tricks. Building trust with a person or a company you are hiring to create your website is key. The right professional can set you up on a successful journey!

To recap, a website is a tool that provides a set of instruments for monetization, conversion, exposure, revenue and much more! With the correct approach it can make your brand flourish. Since you made it this far, don’t wait and jump on the train early, before your competitor does. Get your website up and running and watch your investment work for you!

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