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Who am I and why I started Fidelity Circle Ltd.


Welcome to the ultimate business resource platform designed to open new roads on your entrepreneurial ventures and corporate career path.


My Name is Anna. I have been living and breathing corporate life for over a decade. I was a part of several start ups and was hired by several medium and large sized companies to assist them with operations, workflow management, planning and more. I made my way from an entry level job to owning and operating three revenue generating small businesses, while providing valuable resources to young entrepreneurs.

I took all my lessons the hard way, so you don't have to.

In this welcome blog I will share with you my experience and why I decided to start Fidelity Circle©.


As a young professional I got hooked on a 9 to 5 job and a steady paycheck, until a series of unfortunate events opened new doors for me. This is where I realized, that having a side hustle, or a small business is the best way to have freedom in life. If you have side income you can find a way to wave goodbye to your horrible boss or minimize stress if you got laid-off due to a pandemic.

Having a full-time corporate job handed me an opportunity to build my own network, have a chance to learn from top performers and get the basics of corporate structure. I did that, so you don’t have to! Whether you are an office worker, business owner or a trades professional, you landed on this blog because you are striving for success.

I am here to help you excel in business life.

As an employee I treated companies I worked for as my own. I learned to distance myself from the “employee” mindset where I only followed my working hours and job description, which boosted me to be knowledgeable and in demand. I did everything from accounting and project management, to sales, design and operations management. Everything that was thrown on my desk I focused on getting done with excellence and in a timely fashion. Did I know how to do everything? No, but it did not scare me or stop me from

learning and grasping as much as possible from C level executives in various fields.

An important observation I made was that the majority of top performers such as CFOs and CEOs have many other businesses they participate in, never relying on their “main” job at the moment. They all have other ventures they undertake such as investments, becoming board members in other corporations and establishing funds. You should not be dependent on one income stream either.


As a first time start-upper I faced numerous challenges of wearing multiple hats while building a company / brand from scratch. To do this, I needed to obtain an understanding of basic accounting, sales, marketing, operations, gain a network of vendors and people of interest, office back-end, and much more. My first start up had no immediate success, but is still an asset in my portfolio which I consider a stepping stone in my journey.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned as a beginner entrepreneur, is that you must concentrate on sales and cash flow, not on logo designs, paperwork and operational processes. This is because the main goal is to make money. If the cash flow is not there or very inconsistent, everything else becomes instantly irrelevant.

The point is – you don't have to know everything. Hire your weaknesses to reinforce your strengths.

You can tell me that there is not enough capital to be paying people, which is definitely not uncommon. While they work you can focus on sales, closing deals and generating the cash flow with no interruptions. Hiring for things you don't know how to do or acquiring help for timely hands-on tasks will boost your productivity in what you do best – grow the business. You know your product / service best and only you can push it like no one else. I often see small businesses struggle with fear of hiring professionals and spending money, instead of utilizing their best skill, without getting caught up in all the back-end work.

Fidelity Circle is here to help you do your best by providing the support you need on the back-end, whether you need a data base, corporate policies, admin support, website / logo development, general forms or connections. I have several brilliant professionals at my fingertips to get you set up with anything your business might need, so you can concentrate on cash flow. My hook-ups are your resource to use.


To summarize the main elements above, highlighted are is the priceless knowledge I just shared with you:

  • With a side income you can find freedom

  • Majority of top performers such as CFOs and CEOs always have other businesses they participate in. You shouldn’t be dependent on one income stream either.

  • Never be afraid to fail, the more you fail the faster you will accelerate to success by learning from mistakes.

  • You must concentrate on sales and cash flow. The main goal is to make money, if the cash flow is not there or very inconsistent, everything else becomes irrelevant.

  • You do not have to know everything. Hire your weaknesses to reinforce your strengths.

If you made it this far, I hope to see you here next time!


Anna B.

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