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PM, Process Optimization.

Anna Bars

Anna is a seasoned professional with over a decade of expertise spanning the Finance and Manufacturing industries. With a diverse skill set, she possesses comprehensive knowledge in process optimizations and boasts hands-on experience in both product and web design. Anna's commitment to excellence makes her a valuable asset for Fidelity Circle. 

Special Projects Specialist

Daniela Furtado

Daniela has more than ten years of experience in the fields of finance and accounting. Known for her distinctive project coordination approach, she brings a fresh perspective to every endeavor she undertakes. With her dedication to precision, Daniela excels in her role as a specialist in reporting and analytics. Her expertise and innovative problem-solving make her irreplaceable for our team.

Web-design & SMM

Alex Gavrilov

Alex is a young entrepreneur who embarked on his journey in business at the remarkable age of 16. By the time he reached 22, he had already established a thriving brand. With a strategic mindset and a flair for innovation, Alex firmly positioned his brand in the competitive market landscape. Now, as a member of our team, he is passionate about sharing his  insights to inspire and guide other young entrepreneurs along their own paths to success.

Web-design & Programmer

Serge Perts

Serge is a seasoned programmer renowned for his expertise in developing cutting-edge VR and AR applications tailored for the construction and renovation industry. With a passion for coding and programming that is palpable in every project he undertakes, Serge consistently pushes the boundaries of innovation in his field.

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